My Dying Bride

England… Doom Metal…

1991 – Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium EP
1992 – As The Flower Withers Part I Part II
1993 – Turn Loose The Swans Part IPart II
1995 – The Angel And The Dark River Part I Part II
1995 – Trinity Part I Part II
1996 – Like Gods of The Sun Part IPart II
1997 – For Darkest Eyes Part IPart II
1998 – 34.788% … Complete Part I Part II
1999 – The Light At The End Of The World Part I Part II
2000 – Meisterwerk I (Best of) Part I Part II
            Meisterwerk II (Best of) Part I Part II
2001 – The Dreadful Hours Part I Part II
2002 – The Voice of the Wretched (Live) Part IPart II
2004 – Sons of Darkness, Words of Light Part IPart II
2006 – Deeper Down (EP)
2006 – A Line of Deathless King Part I Part II

~ by Thou Art Schwarz on June 19, 2007.

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